Established in 2000 to created filmed content for and from the Caribbean region for global consumption. With the vast array of content platforms available today, we revamped the company to offer exclusive content package for appropriate clients.

While we develop our slate of in-house productions, we are partnering with notable international entities to provide clients with a one-stop-shipping experience to acquire digital assets for your online presence and company branding. Contact us for customized packages or check out our Virtual Production Portal (VPP) and just submit your request. We will contact you for further information and your digital content is on it’s way!

We simplify the process of building your brand and company presence online. You online presence is more than just a website, it’s your company’s identity. Own it and #RuleYourDomain.

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Chose an item and upload your information. OR visit our Virtual Production Portal and customize your order.

Explainer Videos

whiteboard for SEO

Effectively use creative writing and animation to get your message out.



Script Services- 1 1′ minute

We create the ad copy that moves your clients and customers. Whether it’s for whiteboard animation or video, we’ll put the words together that will motivate customers to visit and buy.

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We're partnereing with the best in the region to bring you quality of global standards.

Sovereign City Entertainment


Founded in 2000 to create filmed entertainment for the forever generation.

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WordPress Certified

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We've teamed up with the best across the Caribbean to bring you an exclusive experience.


Welcome to our world.

Our community initiative.

Be a part of our community engagement initiatives. Sovereign City Entertainment strongly believes that film can be used as a fundamental tool for change. We cannot look at our society, see the need for intervention and Read more…

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