Borne out of a view that film is the most powerful medium to educated the public and facilitate societal change. Sovereign City Entertainment was established to become a high-performing Caribbean-based media entity. Rivalling international productions in standard, quality and appeal. Founded by filmmaker, M. Omari Jackson in 2001, the company and founder are responsible for 100’s of hours of television programming across the Caribbean and the socially conscious, award winning feature-film, Between Friends.

Film is far from the only medium of communication. The company also published the Ganjactivst.com Magazine. An cannabis industry publication elevating the voices of the Caribbean and Legacy Industries. This is supported by a website (www.ganjactivist.com) and a Podcast, Cannabis & Coffee Conversations.

In 2024, the company is producing a landmark documentary series, The Legacy Project. The series will dismantle the fabric of the failures of the War on Drugs. The project is supported by SIMA Studios which allows the producers to accept tax-deductible donations to produce the series.