Breaking the Chains of the War on Drugs

The Legacy Project will be a 7-part documentary series focusing on the key facets of the legacy left by the failed war on drugs. The archaic campaign continues to effectively be a war against people of color and the poor. As public demand for the plant is evolving into a multibillion dollar industry currently filling State and Government coffers, we must end the failed policies of the War on Drugs and adopt a more human rights approach to drug policy as has been recommended by numerous governments and the UN Commission on Human Rights. We will meet those affected and those making a change.

Not only have the policies failed to reduce drug use and demand, by placing cannabis as a schedule 1 substance with no medical value, has prohibited medical research. This in turn has left millions of humans worldwide with limited treatment options for illnesses we are proving today, the cannabis plant and compounds found in the plant does have numerous health benefits and medicinal value.

Each episode will explore a different aspect of the failure, such as mass incarceration, excessive policing, the effects on immigrants and immigration, the economic effects, the effects on personal development and give recommendations to rectify the ills of the past. Effectively allowing affected individuals, families and communities to establish a new legacy for themselves.

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